The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Zuul c80684fbf7 Merge "Add simple testing for Zuul CLI & REST API" 1 year ago
auth OIDCAuthenticator: add capabilities, scope option 2 years ago
bubblewrap Stop bind mounting zuul dir into bwrap 2 years ago
gerrit Merge "Detect Gerrit gate pipelines with the wrong connection" 1 year ago
git Adjust io-level logging in gerrit/git drivers 2 years ago
github Merge "Update access token url" 1 year ago
gitlab Merge "Gitlab - avoid duplicates in the cache" 1 year ago
mqtt Report retried builds in a build set via mqtt. 1 year ago
nullwrap Log cpu times of ansible executions 3 years ago
pagure Merge "pagure: Improve CI status flag handling" 1 year ago
smtp Include ref info in smtp reporter subjects 2 years ago
sql Merge "Report retried builds via sql reporter." 1 year ago
timer Disable misfire grace time of apscheduler job 2 years ago
zuul Record and report time for trigger events 2 years ago web: add tenant and project scoped, JWT-protected actions 2 years ago Add driver-specific pipeline requirements 4 years ago