The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Zuul c80684fbf7 Merge "Add simple testing for Zuul CLI & REST API" 1 year ago
.. Initial commit. 9 years ago
ansible-config.conf Drop support for ansible 2.6 1 year ago Create virtualenvs in series to avoid cache race 1 year ago Fix missing check if logger is None 2 years ago OIDCAuthenticator: add capabilities, scope option 2 years ago OIDCAuthenticator: add capabilities, scope option 2 years ago Clean up command sockets on stop 3 years ago Support boolean values in get_default 3 years ago Gitlab - bootstrap the driver structure + Webhook support 2 years ago Support cross-source dependencies 4 years ago Cache decryption results 3 years ago Make github file annotation levels configurable via zuul return 2 years ago Add client_id to RPC client 2 years ago Add support for zones in executors 3 years ago Enhance some logging messages 2 years ago jsonutil: do not encode SourceContext or ZuulMark 2 years ago Serve project SSH keys and document 3 years ago Replace deprecated Thread.isAlive() with Thread.is_alive() 1 year ago Annotate job freezing logs with event id 2 years ago Merge tenant reconfiguration events 4 years ago Remove ununecessary shebangs 1 year ago Add repl server for debug purposes 2 years ago dict_object.keys() is not required for *in* operator 3 years ago Remove unecessary shebang and exec bit 3 years ago Bump mypy for py3.8 support 1 year ago