Tobias Urdin 59cd5de78b web: add dark mode and theme selection
This adds a theme selection in the preferences in the
config modal and adds a new dark theme.

Removes the line.png image and instead uses CSS
linear-gradient that is available in all browsers
since around 2018, also fixes the 15 pixels spacing
issue that is there today.

You can select between three different themes.

Auto will use your system preference to choose either the
light or dark theme, changes dynamically based on your
system preference.

Light is the current theme.

Dark is the theme added by this patch series.

The UX this changes is that if somebody has their system
preferences set to dark, for example in Mac OS X that is
in System Settings -> Appearance -> Dark the user will
get the Zuul web UI in dark by default and same for the

This uses a poor man's dark mode for swagger-ui
as per the comment in [1].

[1] https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-ui/issues/5327#issuecomment-742375520

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