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Zuul d3b0e614e0
Merge "Allow clean scheduler shutdown when priming fails"
4 months ago
ansible Remove Ansible 5 5 months ago
cmd Unpin JWT and use integer IAT values 4 months ago
connection Fix read-only branches error in zuul-web 9 months ago
driver Merge "Update following changes logging" 4 months ago
execution_context Add wrapper driver execution context 6 years ago
executor Merge "executor: Skip line mapping for special Gerrit files" 4 months ago
lib Remove Ansible 5 5 months ago
manager Update following changes logging 4 months ago
merger Cleanup leaked git index.lock files on checkout 4 months ago
reporter Include some skipped jobs in the code-review report 5 months ago
source Change merge mode default based on driver 5 months ago
sphinx docs: remove zuuldocs domain 3 years ago
trigger Filter events on event connection 2 years ago
vendor Add some pipeline processing stats 1 year ago
web Refactor merge mode name lookup 4 months ago
zk Merge "Parallelize some pipeline refresh ops" 4 months ago Initial commit. 11 years ago Revert "Revert "Create zuul/web/static on demand"" 3 years ago Fix reporting certain config syntax errors 11 months ago Add playbook semaphores 4 months ago Handle jwt decoding error, fix exception default messages 10 months ago Merge "Detect errors with non-permitted parent jobs" 4 months ago Rename admin-rule to authorization-rule 5 months ago End node request span when result event is sent 5 months ago Allow clean scheduler shutdown when priming fails 4 months ago Store version information in component registry 1 year ago