The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Zuul f05adde83e Merge "Separate connection registries in tests" 6 months ago
ansible Merge "Allow find on the executor" 6 months ago
cmd REST API: remove deprecated trigger arg in enqueue endpoint 8 months ago
connection Annotate some logs in the scheduler with event id 2 years ago
driver Separate connection registries in tests 6 months ago
execution_context Add wrapper driver execution context 4 years ago
executor Separate connection registries in tests 6 months ago
lib Blacklist ansible 2.9.14 6 months ago
manager Annotate all canMerge calls with event id 8 months ago
merger Merge "Clean up stale git index.lock files on merger startup" 7 months ago
reporter Stop falling back to job name for missing url 7 months ago
source Annotate getChangeByUrl logs with event id 8 months ago
sphinx docs: remove zuuldocs domain 8 months ago
trigger Annotate logs in the zuul driver with event ids 2 years ago
web Builds: add "held" attribute 7 months ago Initial commit. 9 years ago Revert "Revert "Create zuul/web/static on demand"" 9 months ago Match tag items against containing branches 1 year ago Merge "Add intermediate flag for jobs" 7 months ago web: add tenant and project scoped, JWT-protected actions 2 years ago Merge "Move driver specific change status field to driver" 7 months ago Fix memleak on zk session loss 7 months ago Add client_id to RPC client 1 year ago Separate slow rpc operations 8 months ago Merge "Add event queue sizes to stats reporting" 7 months ago Report git sha in status page version 3 years ago Add TLS support for ZooKeeper 1 year ago