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Airshipctl is a command-line interface that enables users to manage declarative
infrastructure and software.
Airshipctl aims to provide a seamless experience for operators wishing to
leverage the best open source options such as the `Cluster API`_, `Metal
Kubed`_, Kustomize_, and kubeadm_ by providing a straight forward and easily
approachable interface.
This project is the heart of our effort to produce Airship 2.0, which has
three main evolutions from `Airship 1.0`_:
* Expand our use of entrenched upstream projects.
* Embrace Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) everything becomes an
object in Kubernetes.
* Make the Airship control plane ephemeral.
To learn more about the Airship 2.0 evolution, reference the
`Airship blog series`_.
Airshipctl is under active development and welcomes new developers! Please
read our `developer guide`_ to begin contributing.
We also encourage new contributors and operators alike to join us in our
`Slack workspace`_ and subscribe to our `mailing lists`_.
You can learn more about Airship on the `Airship wiki`_.
.. _Airship 1.0:
.. _Airship blog series:
.. _Airship wiki:
.. _Cluster API:
.. _developer guide:
.. _kubeadm:
.. _Kustomize:
.. _mailing lists:
.. _Metal Kubed:
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