Airship utility CLI access
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Utility Container
1. Ceph utility Container

1. Add the below to /etc/sudoers


2. Install the latest versions of Git, CA Certs & Make if necessary

set -xe

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y \
ca-certificates \
git \
make \
jq \
nmap \
curl \

3. Proxy Configuration

In order to deploy OpenStack-Helm behind corporate proxy servers, add the following entries to openstack-helm-infra/tools/gate/devel/local-vars.yaml.

http: http://username:password@host:port
https: https://username:password@host:port

Add the address of the Kubernetes API,, and .svc.cluster.local to your no_proxy and NO_PROXY environment variables.

export no_proxy=${no_proxy},,.svc.cluster.local
export NO_PROXY=${NO_PROXY},,.svc.cluster.local

4. Clone the OpenStack-Helm Repos

set -xe

git clone
git clone

5. Deploy Kubernetes & Helm

cd openstack-helm

6. Install OpenStack-Helm

Setup Clients on the host and assemble the charts

Deploy the ingress controller

7. Deploy Ceph


Activate the OpenStack namespace to be able to use Ceph

8. Deploy Porthole

git clone

cd porthole


Get in to the utility pod using kubectl exec. To perform any operation on the ceph cluster use the below example.

utilscli ceph osd tree
utilscli rbd ls
utilscli rados lspools

1. Customize oslo filters to restrict commands.