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Zuul ebc1589537 Merge "Adding dead-link-linter gate" 2 years ago
Zuul 72cfb01540 Merge "Allow validate script to read airship config" 2 years ago
Danny Massa f9ae26105b Adding dead-link-linter gate
Change-Id: I3b97e42abf5084a6dbd46616327e7bfe7b1a9791
2 years ago
James Gu be4d17a36e airship-core type and reference site manifest update for 2.1 release
Update the airshipctl version pin and fixes in the reference type and
site manifests to keep up to date with the airshipctl changes in version 2.1.

Change-Id: I19c1cf874f33eeccba5b0fbc74404dd5d462f55d
2 years ago
Sreejith Punnapuzha 5afbb354d5 Align docker install role with airshipctl
airshipctl is using upstream ensure-docker role instead of
docker-install. correcting this in treasuremap

Signed-off-by: Sreejith Punnapuzha <>
Change-Id: Ideea1d9f641d6abad1d9f7c37698f7c09f778fce
2 years ago
Shon Phand e55e960caf Uplift rook components to latest v1.7.5
* upgraded rook-operator to v1.7.5
* upgraded ceph to v16.2.6

Relates-To: #194
Change-Id: I23fa69cfc2e03db77df26dd4adab53447f4e8c9a
2 years ago
Siraj Yasin f819f6c510 update secrets for reference-airship-core
* This PS takes care of secret changes for reference-airship-core

Relates-To: #201
Change-Id: I1fca4323047bd844a1605490e42e3d9172cbac08
2 years ago
Zuul 0351359cc5 Merge "update secrets to align with airshipctl" 2 years ago
Siraj Yasin a06003c004 update secrets to align with airshipctl
* Align treasuremap virtual-airship-core site to recent changes of
* This PS takes care of only the "airship-core" type and all other
  sites will fail validate docs untill the secrets are aligned.
* So the validate_docs is invoked with parameter "virtual-airship-core"
  to run document validation just for virtual-airship-core

  reference airshipctl commit: e2c56108eef38dd83df52fcfd1fa6844e5376a56

Change-Id: I2e6149951beca570a3cadeecbc05366325c80286
2 years ago
Drew Walters 9e1263af39 Add synclabeller namespace value
The synclabeller function does not deploy because its resources do not
contain a namespace. This change adds a namespace value to the
Kustomization entypoint.

Closes #163

Signed-off-by: Drew Walters <>
Change-Id: If3d9fbe827572adbdcd63862ce8f7dd2e79a8be5
2 years ago
James Gu c837ebf503 Added missing overrides for baremetal airship-core and treasuremap
Also added bare metal phase plan for airship-core

Change-Id: I855de5206473830914edb0cc4ab8a11196135fda
2 years ago
Zuul 9c76c89d2f Merge "Update replacements to use multi-tenant" 2 years ago
Zuul 7b7abcbbec Merge "Remove treasuremap workers-capm3 function" 2 years ago
Graham Steffaniak f4d4cb497a Update replacements to use multi-tenant
CHG: Corrected the referenced replacement transformer.
Relates-to: #510

Change-Id: Iacbf5f827e0b4fded8b64395f7e754d8893e68df
2 years ago
Zuul 0690defe54 Merge "Aligning to the recent changes for airshipctl" 2 years ago
Zuul a64524867e Merge "Fix validation doc gate" 2 years ago
Zuul 6d192e29d2 Merge "[auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest" 2 years ago
Pallav Gupta fa3e113ced Fix validation doc gate
Currently validation doc gate is doing nothing and it skips
all sites present in treasuremap. This PS fixes validation doc

Closes #198

Change-Id: I48b35248636a22a8971757687a6325a365db96ad
2 years ago
Zuul 433a38cf0b Merge "Remove unwated iptables NAT and forward rule" 2 years ago
siraj.yasin 88182d2f77 Aligning to the recent changes for airshipctl
* Dependant airshipctl change

 This PS fixes this issue:
  template: tmpl:9:78: executing "tmpl" at <>:
  wrong type for value; expected int; got float64couldn't execute function: yaml: line 72:
  mapping values are not allowed in this context

Change-Id: I10960ba341e80c213f466c18a4a778fcedce61dc
2 years ago
Reddy, Hemachandra (hr858f) 5696fe20b9 Remove unwated iptables NAT and forward rule
This commit removes unwanted NAT and forward rules
from control plane nodes. They need to be enabled if
and when SIP creates VMs on control plane nodes.

Change-Id: I7a06df92b2c5c66d898e2a8f17c86d812680f181
2 years ago
Reddy, Hemachandra (hr858f) 1e30965e54 Add cleanup for Calico policy
This commit adds cleanup for Calico global network policy
so it can be prevented from deploying downstream.

Change-Id: I4cfdc555d1776fbafd49d69ba10f97402563abd2
2 years ago
airship2ci 694fb2245a [auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest
Change-Id: Id63fda5a49aa55d53ad743d52427686e0989b2f8
2 years ago
Matthew Fuller 4d051c39a5 Remove treasuremap workers-capm3 function
- Removes function/workers-capm3 from treasuremap since sites
  and types inherit this function from airshipctl
- Changes virtual-network-cloud site to use airshipctl's

Relates-To: #171
Change-Id: I8b8a6f32d75c2b1a46ff25906951ff5544055f30
2 years ago
Sirajudeen 7e4710e9b3 update syntax for kustomize with recent uplift
* updated the syntax for enable plugins with recent uplift
  of kustomize version
* Had to uplift the airshipctl version as well

Change-Id: I0c637603013adc2594c39cbea7cc07f3937cf3ee
2 years ago
Sreejith Punnapuzha fd54957eab Rename virtual sites
This commit renames virtual-network-cloud to virtual-multi-tenant.

Signed-off-by: Sreejith Punnapuzha <>
Change-Id: I93008034f4f8bba8b2ab464d45854190b195b818
2 years ago
airship2ci c9f7286818 [auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest
Change-Id: I3ba4b934c284b6b063cd7bfb1629c88121716a06
2 years ago
Zuul c0dbcddf23 Merge "[auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest" 2 years ago
Zuul 6b349afb94 Merge "Update KubeadmConfigTemplate reference to use airshipctl" 2 years ago
Graham Steffaniak b8e7383692 Update KubeadmConfigTemplate reference to use airshipctl
DEL: type level worker provisioning
ADD: reference to airshipctl provisioning

Closes: #510
Change-Id: I0dfaa4ccf2439a4ea3cf383f9eff7414b7dec026
2 years ago
airship2ci 8b4ee407d8 [auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest
Change-Id: I6b4c2939507c103a2328f304847ff0de9e5742b4
2 years ago
sb048x 3c4886aab2 Dex/API server and Catalogue Support for Subcluster
This patchset includes the Catalogue and respective
Replacement transformers for the Dex/API server and
kustomization of values through patches.

It also includes:
 - Support for dex LDAP authentication
 - Moved Dex from provide-infra to controlplane

1. This patchset also fixes the current issue with wordpress where it
was not in sync with lma for catalogue (catalogues)
2. This patchset also doesn't call function k8scontrol-oidc replacements
rather subcluster-dex.yaml is created in
due to current localized yamls available at same path. This is a known
issue for which another patchset has to be created.

Relates-To: #136

Co-authored-by: sa069q <>

Change-Id: I6d14f6cc976d3f8a174e2d083425a970f59dcd92
2 years ago
Sirajudeen 64e4fa9eec Set default site name to virtual-airship-core
* For zuul jobs respective site_name is set from jobs.yaml,
  however when running gate scripts for local deployment we are not using
  jobs.yaml and so it defaults to test-site from the config created
  using template from airshipctl repo.

Change-Id: I0f4b975f78db4161048eb0621a9cc25933141f63
2 years ago
Zuul da6ea23ba3 Merge "Rename Virtual Sites in Treasuremap" 2 years ago
Zuul 54809933ac Merge "Add SIP scheduling labels to catalogues & SIP CR" 2 years ago
Zuul 7e67ce575b Merge "LMA Configuration Updates" 2 years ago
Zuul cf14c3c93e Merge "Use helm-chart-collator for all charts" 2 years ago
Zuul 1c69e13af3 Merge "Add some and fix other LMA Versions Replacements" 2 years ago
Zuul 04afe4e231 Merge "Support for static IP on VM network for multi-tenant cluster" 2 years ago
Zuul 13ba7c026a Merge "Split out k8scontrol oidc patching" 2 years ago
Zuul c7ef585e2e Merge "[auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest" 2 years ago
Steven Fitzpatrick 125ffd7237 LMA Configuration Updates
This change fixes some configurations of LMA CRs and values,
such that logs and metrics are properly visible on kibana
and grafana after workload and workload-config phase.

- Added dashboards to grafana
- Added a container to kibana which sets up the discover page
- Added the DependsOn directive was added to the workload-lma
  prometheus-elasticsearch-exporter HR
- Added NodePort bindings to LMA services in multi-tenant/lma

Change-Id: I14338f5cab0808654173a09494f5fde540397dcc
2 years ago
Sean Eagan a0c1fc7756 Use helm-chart-collator for all charts
- Update the helm-chart-collator image to one which:
  - uses versions unique to the git source [0]
  - includes all helm charts used by treasuremap [1]
- Rewire all the HelmReleases to point at the hcc HelmRepository
- Removes all the other HelmRepositories and associated config


Relates-To: #162
Relates-To: #164
Signed-off-by: Sean Eagan <>
Change-Id: Ia96820b627d76feee7909471dd98a27de8594bf1
2 years ago
Steven Fitzpatrick 6a8e9ee2a0 Add some and fix other LMA Versions Replacements
This change adds version replacements for images:
- kube-state-metrics
- node-exporter
- curl

- Fixes the replacement transformer for prometheus image
- Include only logging CRs in workload-config-target
- Fixes a typo in Elasticsearch's storageClassName

Relates-To: #150
Change-Id: I0110749bb28ca486127b64b516153ce4a25226ae
2 years ago
Zuul 0b1d661c6d Merge "Sync the Sub-Cluster API Server ports" 2 years ago
airship2ci 4b3565aca3 [auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest
Change-Id: If230ec6732a8247f8ff533d73638c4a184efe5e8
2 years ago
Sirajudeen 0150d774d3 Rename Virtual Sites in Treasuremap
* Renamed test-site to virtual-airship-core

Relates-To: #154
Change-Id: I15905a5be8628b35f1cebcba95e3257f541d4e74
2 years ago
Ian Howell 110a26e13a Sync the Sub-Cluster API Server ports
This synchronizes the Metal3Cluster's controlPlane port with the
SIP controlPlane's load-balancer's port.

Closes: #181
Change-Id: Idd7219323095c03ea3376016207e1c45713ffc92
2 years ago
Zuul 0e15fe5aec Merge "[auto-uplift]: Update airshipctl ref to latest" 2 years ago
Zuul df389d6367 Merge "Configure ssh from jump host to VMs" 2 years ago