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Instead of printing a string constant "password" use
password from Horizon secret file to display at end of
deploy script.

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Airship in a Bottle

Use the script to automatically deploy a demonstration version of Airship. It will attempt to detect the required environment settings and deploy an instance of Airship, including running a demo instance of OpenStack (using OpenStack Helm), and creating a simple Virtual Machine.

To get started, run the following in a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 VM (minimum 4vCPU/20GB RAM/32GB disk). This will deploy Airship and Openstack Helm (OSH):

sudo -i
mkdir -p /root/deploy && cd "$_"
git clone
cd /root/deploy/treasuremap/tools/deployment/aiab/

This demonstration uses the images pinned in the versions file: ./global/software/config/versions.yaml

By default, files will be downloaded into and built in the /root/deploy directory of the virtual machine being used to install this demo.

Note that this process will result in the contents of the VM to be modified outside of that directory, and the VM should be intended to be discarded after demo use.