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- hosts: prod_bastion[0]
- name: "Make sure a manual maintenance isn't going on"
path: /home/zuul/DISABLE-ANSIBLE
state: absent
sleep: 10
timeout: 3600 # Wait for an hour before bailing
- name: "Correct ownership of repos"
command: "chown -R zuul:zuul /home/zuul/src"
# E303: Skip linting since it triggers on the "chown" command,
# but we prefer the shell above
- skip_ansible_lint
# Ignore the error if the dir doesn't exist
ignore_errors: true
# Do this as root, because it needs to chown root-owned files
become: true
# This role executes code on the executor, so this needs to be in
# a trusted playbook.
- name: Synchronize src repos to workspace directory.
name: prepare-workspace-git
# The intent of the periodic jobs is to run with latest master. If
# they get enqueued, then other patches land, they'll still run
# with the value of the zuul ref from when they were
# enqueued. That's not what we want for prod, as it can lead to
# running or deploying old versions of config files. Reset them
# to master.
- name: Should we run from master
infra_prod_run_from_master: "{{ zuul.pipeline|default('') in ['periodic', 'opendev-prod-hourly'] }}"
- name: Reset checkouts to master for periodic jobs
when: infra_prod_run_from_master|bool
- name: Update system-config from master
repo: ''
dest: '/home/zuul/src/'
force: yes
version: 'master'
- name: Update project-config from master
when: '"" in zuul.projects'
repo: ''
dest: '/home/zuul/src/'
force: yes
version: 'master'