Puppet module for Askbot
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OpenStack Askbot

Marton Kiss marton.kiss@gmail.com

This module manages and installs Askbot with an optional custom Sass based theme.

Quick Start

class { 'askbot':
  db_provider          => 'pgsql',
  require              => Postgresql::Server::Db[$db_name],

askbot::site { 'ask.example.com':
  db_name                      => 'askbotdb',
  db_user                      => 'askbot',
  db_password                  => 'changeme',
  require                      => [ Class['redis'], Class['askbot'] ],



The Askbot puppet module is separated into individual components which Askbot needs to run.


A module that installs a standalone Askbot application with dependencies based on configuration settings. This class synchronize and install the database schema, configure the askbot-celeryd daemon required for scheduled tasks, and finally apply a proper log rotation.

The source of deployement is a git repository defined in askbot_repo and askbot_revision parameters.

class { 'askbot': dist_root => '/srv/dist', site_root => '/srv/askbot-site', askbot_branch => 'master', askbot_repo => 'https://github.com/ASKBOT/askbot-devel.git', www_user => 'www-data', www_group => 'www-data', site_name => undef, # custom theme custom_theme_enabled => false, custom_theme_name => undef, # debug settings askbot_debug => false, # redis cache configuration redis_enabled => false, redis_prefix => 'askbot', redis_port => undef, redis_max_memory => undef, redis_bind => undef, redis_password => undef, # site ssl configuration site_ssl_enabled => false, site_ssl_cert_file_contents => undef, site_ssl_key_file_contents => undef, site_ssl_chain_file_contents => undef, site_ssl_cert_file => '', site_ssl_key_file => '', site_ssl_chain_file => '', # smtp settings smtp_host => 'localhost', smtp_port => '25', # database connection parameters db_provider => 'mysql', db_name => undef, db_user => undef, db_password => undef, db_host => 'localhost', }


A helper module to compile the Sass style sheets for a custom theme. As OpenStack Askbot theme contains pure Sass files in the repository, for a production deployment those files must be compiled into css.

askbot::theme::compass { 'os': require => Git['askbot-theme'], before => Exec['askbot-static-generate'], }