suppress warnings from wsmeext.sphinxext

When the wsmeext.sphinxext extension is initialized during the
documentation build it registers some autodoc classes that use the
same objtype as built-in types. This causes the associated directives
to be overridden, which emits a warning. That warning prevents us from
turning on warning-is-error in the build. Since there is nothing we
can do about it, we want to ignore it.

Change-Id: Ie74174176d6140467c60ea864dc2df4dc2287604
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
Doug Hellmann 5 years ago
parent 5b77f08c21
commit 833fdea9e5
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@ -36,6 +36,11 @@ wsme_protocols = ['restjson', 'restxml']
# text edit cycles.
# execute "export SPHINX_DEBUG=1" in your terminal to disable
# Ignore the following warning: WARNING: while setting up extension
# wsmeext.sphinxext: directive 'autoattribute' is already registered,
# it will be overridden.
suppress_warnings = ['app.add_directive']
# The suffix of source filenames.
source_suffix = '.rst'