Add "mailman" meta-list to

Mailman uses a (usually hidden) mailing list named "mailman" to
handle things like password reminders and certain other sorts of
notifications. We have one in the configuration for all the sites on but not on, even though
the production server has one. Not creating this list will cause
the services to fail to start, and since we want to test restarting
them in an upcoming change, add the missing entry (it will be a
no-op in production anyway).

Change-Id: If06d9d060e40055f95c1df337eb6f32c6064a89f
Jeremy Stanley 10 months ago
parent 9c7f4fad46
commit 196b081159
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@ -61,6 +61,10 @@ extra_users:
mailman_multihost: false
mailman_listdomain: ''
- name: mailman
description: 'The mailman site list'
admin: ''
password: "{{ mailman_list_password }}"
- name: kata-dev
description: 'Kata Containers Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)'
admin: ''