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Understanding the Interoperability Guidelines

This repository contains files managed by the Interop Working Group that provide guidance for the OpenStack community.

NOTE: Changes to file requires approval of the Interop Working Group chair(s).

Interop Working Group Process Documentation

Are you a vendor who wants to get a license to use the OpenStack trademark and logo? Consult OpenStack Interop.

The Process Documentation page contains details about theInterop Working Group process.

The Schema Documentation page contains details about the JSON schema versions used to express Guidelines.

The Guideline Documentation page contains RST versions of the Interop Guidelines approved by the OpenStack Board of Directors.

Another Useful Resources Core Definition Process Governance Designated Sections Interop WG Governance Terminology

Tools for Interoperability Testing

refstack client contains the tools you will need to run the Interop Working Group tests.

refstack server is our API to collect interoperability test results from private and public cloud vendors. See more about the project.

Get Involved!

See the CONTRIBUTING guide on how to get involved.