OpenStack Design Summit session management system
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odsreg - The OpenStack Design Summit session management system

odsreg is the Django app used for the OpenStack Design Summit session proposal and scheduling.

It has the following features:

  • Session proposal
  • Session review
  • Ability to merge sessions and add a cover description
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Synchronization to event schedule
  • Launchpad SSO integration


You'll need the following Python modules installed:
  • django (1.8+)
  • python-django-auth-openid


If you are using pip with or without a venv, you can use the following commands instead: - pip install django - pip install python-openid - pip install django-openid-auth

Configuration and Usage

Copy odsreg/ to odsreg/ and change settings there. In particular you should set DEBUG=True or ALLOWED_HOSTS.

Build migrations files: ./ makemigrations cfp

Create empty database: ./ migrate

Create a superuser: ./ createsuperuser

Copy event.json.sample to event.json and edit the file to match the event and topics you want to have. Then run:

./ loadevent event.json

Then run a dev server using: ./ runserver

When you have room layout, copy slots.json.sample to slots.json and edit the file to match the rooms and time slots for each topic. Then run:

./ loadslots slots.json