Roman Popelka 9ff70dd6bc Fix tox<4 issue for zed job
Added task to install proper version
of tox(<4) so the job won't fail and
set the job as voting again. Set
ensure_tox_version to <4 for zed admin
job and admin plugins job (since it failed,
on tox>4 related issue too.

Story: 2010573
Task: 47319
Change-Id: I0e9ad3632d16a5aa8c0e98d3e0d10bee79cead99
2023-06-28 19:05:38 +02:00
python-tempestconf-tempest-devstack.yaml Fix tox<4 issue for zed job 2023-06-28 19:05:38 +02:00
python-tempestconf-tempest-packstack.yaml Fix a typo in a role var 2021-02-12 07:59:44 +00:00
upload-logs.yaml Collect openstack services logs after tempest run 2019-11-13 16:29:35 +00:00