Ansible Modules Collection for using OpenStack
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OpenDev Zuul Builds - Ansible Collection OpenStack

Ansible Collection:

This repo hosts the Ansible Collection.

The collection includes the Openstack modules and plugins supported by Openstack community to help the management of Openstack infrastructure.

Installation and Usage

Installing dependencies

For using the Openstack Cloud collection firstly you need to install ansible and openstacksdk Python modules on your Ansible controller. For example with pip:

pip install ansible openstacksdk

OpenStackSDK has to be available to Ansible and to the Python interpreter on the host, where Ansible executes the module (target host). Please note, that under some circumstances Ansible might invoke a non-standard Python interpreter on the target host. Using Python version 3 is highly recommended for OpenstackSDK and strongly required from OpenstackSDK version 0.39.0.


OpenstackSDK is better to be the last stable version. It should NOT be installed on Openstack nodes, but rather on operators host (aka "Ansible controller"). OpenstackSDK from last version supports operations on all Openstack cloud versions. Therefore OpenstackSDK module version doesn't have to match Openstack cloud version usually.

Installing the Collection from Ansible Galaxy

Before using the Openstack Cloud collection, you need to install the collection with the ansible-galaxy CLI:

ansible-galaxy collection install

You can also include it in a requirements.yml file and install it through ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml using the format:

- name:


To use a module from the Openstack Cloud collection, please reference the full namespace, collection name, and module name that you want to use:

- name: Using Openstack Cloud collection
  hosts: localhost
        name: vm
        state: present
        cloud: openstack
        region_name: ams01
        image: Ubuntu Server 14.04
        flavor_ram: 4096
        boot_from_volume: True
        volume_size: 75

Or you can add the full namespace and collection name in the collections element:

- name: Using Openstack Cloud collection
  hosts: localhost
    - server_volume:
        state: present
        cloud: openstack
        server: Mysql-server
        volume: mysql-data
        device: /dev/vdb


For information on contributing, please see CONTRIBUTING

There are many ways in which you can participate in the project, for example:

We work with OpenDev Gerrit, pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.

Testing and Development

If you want to develop new content for this collection or improve what is already here, the easiest way to work on the collection is to clone it into one of the configured COLLECTIONS_PATHS, and work on it there.

Testing with ansible-test

We use ansible-test for sanity:

tox -e linters

More Information



We have a dedicated Interest Group for Openstack Ansible modules. You can find other people interested in this in #openstack-ansible-sig on OFTC IRC.


GNU General Public License v3.0 or later

See LICENCE to see the full text.