Update charm path for ovn dev preview charms

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Ryan Beisner 2019-10-24 15:59:48 -05:00
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@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ OVN charms:
.. warning::
The OVN charms are considered preview charms.
The OVN charms are considered preview charms, still in development.
@ -37,9 +37,9 @@ OVN can then be deployed:
juju config neutron-api manage-neutron-plugin-legacy-mode=false
juju deploy neutron-api-plugin-ovn
juju deploy ovn-central -n 3 --config source=cloud:bionic-train
juju deploy ovn-chassis
juju deploy cs:~openstack-charmers-next/neutron-api-plugin-ovn
juju deploy cs:~openstack-charmers-next/ovn-central -n 3 --config source=cloud:bionic-train
juju deploy cs:~openstack-charmers-next/ovn-chassis
juju add-relation neutron-api-plugin-ovn:certificates vault:certificates
juju add-relation neutron-api-plugin-ovn:neutron-plugin \