Juju Charm - Neutron API - plugin for Arista CVX
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This subordinate charm provides the Arista ML2 Plugin support to the OpenStack Neutron API service.

Note: For upgrading from earlier prototypes of this charm see Upgrading to stable charm.

When this charm is related to the neutron-api charm it will install the Arista Neutron packages on each neutron-api unit in the region and supply the desired configuration to the neutron-api service.



This section covers common and/or important configuration options. See file config.yaml for the full list of options, along with their descriptions and default values. See the Juju documentation for details on configuring applications.


The eapi-host option is the IP address serving the Arista API (a.k.a. eAPI) from the charm's perspective.


The eapi-username option is the username to be used for authenticating to the Arista API.


The eapi-password option is the password to be used for authenticating to the Arista API.


Because this is a subordinate charm a relation will need to be added to another application to have the charm deployed on a machine.

To deploy (partial deployment only):

juju deploy neutron-api
juju deploy neutron-openvswitch
juju deploy neutron-api-plugin-arista --config eapi-host=...

juju add-relation neutron-api neutron-api-plugin-arista
juju add-relation neutron-api neutron-openvswitch


Please report bugs on Launchpad.

For general questions please refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.