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# openstack-hypervisor
Charmhub package name: operator-template
More information:
This charm deploys the openstack-hypervisor snap.
Describe your charm in one or two sentences.
It is expected to be related to the control plane via cross model relations. To
achieve this assuming the control plane is in a model called *k8s*.
## Other resources
juju offer k8s.rabbitmq-k8s:amqp
juju offer k8s.keystone:identity-credentials
juju offer k8s.certificate-authority:certificates
juju offer k8s.ovn-relay:ovsdb-cms-relay
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- [Read more](
- [Contributing]( <!-- or link to other contribution documentation -->
- See the [Juju SDK documentation]( for more information about developing and improving charms.
juju relate -m hypervisor openstack-hypervisor admin/k8s.rabbitmq-k8s
juju relate -m hypervisor openstack-hypervisor admin/k8s.keystone
juju relate -m hypervisor openstack-hypervisor admin/k8s.certificate-authority
juju relate -m hypervisor openstack-hypervisor admin/k8s.ovn-relay