Clarify 'supported' reinstatement policy

Update the "All About Drivers" doc page to reflect the agreement
about backporting 'supported' status reached at the Victoria PTG:

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Brian Rosmaita 2 years ago
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@ -106,6 +106,31 @@ If the issue is not corrected before the next release, the driver will be
eligible for removal from the Cinder code repository per the standard
OpenStack deprecation policy.
If the issue *is* corrected before the next release and the team maintaining
the driver in question submits a patch marking the driver as 'supported',
that patch is eligible (at the discretion of the cinder stable maintenance
team) for backport to the *most recent stable branch*.
.. note::
The idea behind backporting 'supported' status is that reinstatement
should happen very early in the next development cycle after the driver has
been marked 'unsupported'. For example, a driver is marked 'unsupported'
in the Victoria release but CI issues are addressed early in the Wallaby
development cycle; the patch marking the driver may then be proposed to
``stable/victoria``. Thus the patch will be included in the first stable
release of Victoria, and operators upgrading from Ussuri to this release
will not have to change their configuration files.
Note the "at the discretion of the cinder stable maintenance team"
qualification. One reason for this is that the third party CI systems
typically run only on changes to the development branch. Thus if a
driver's CI is restored early in the development cycle when there have
not been many code changes yet, the CI passing in the development branch
can be interpreted as a proxy for CI in the most recent stable branch.
Obviously, this interpretation becomes increasingly invalid as the
development cycle progresses. Further, this interpretation does not
extend to older stable branches.
Driver Removal
**(Added January 2020**)