Add note that block-box is not supported

The block-box files were added to show a proof of concept for running
Cinder as a containerized service and has not been maintained. Some of
the files may still be useful for someone that is looking for some
pointers on how to do this, but there are other projects now that are
focused on containerizing OpenStack services.

This adds a note to the README to make it clear it is not supported.

Closes-bug: #1859158

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# block-box
Standalone Cinder Containerized using Docker Compose
** This was a proof of concept for running Cinder services in containers
and is no longer supported.**
There are several projects that support containerized services now. A good
place to start may be the [LOCI Project](
## Cinder
Provides Block Storage as a service as part of the OpenStack Project.
This project deploys Cinder in containers using docker-compose and