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Simon Dodsley 6a31c5b9bd
Pure Storage - bump version numbers for 2023.2 (Bobcat)
22 hours ago
api Remove multiatttach request parameter 3 weeks ago
backup Restore into sparse volumes 1 week ago
brick LVM: Retry lvextend commands on code 139 2 years ago
cmd Merge "mypy: cmd/" 4 months ago
common Add additional transport type constants 8 months ago
compute Update nova microversion for volume backed instance rebuild 7 months ago
db Improve resource listing efficiency 3 weeks ago
group db: Remove 'db_driver' option 2 years ago
image Filter reserved image properties 2 months ago
interface Docs: Document clone_image driver method 11 months ago
keymgr Add support for transferring encrypted volumes 7 months ago
locale Imported Translations from Zanata 4 months ago
message Add image_conversion_disable config 10 months ago
objects Objects: Make OPTIONAL_FIELDS a tuple 1 month ago
policies Support volume re-image 1 year ago
privsep LVM nvmet: Add support for shared subsystems 2 months ago
scheduler Remove multiatttach request parameter 3 weeks ago
tests Merge "Tests: storwize: Work around bug in unit test" 2 days ago
transfer remove six from cinder.transfer 2 months ago
volume Pure Storage - bump version numbers for 2023.2 (Bobcat) 22 hours ago
wsgi Introduce flake8-import-order extension 3 years ago
zonemanager Brocade: Fix lookup UnboundLocalError 3 years ago Merge "Serialize message_* properties of RequestContext" 7 months ago Address G004 in flake8-logging-format 0.7.4 8 months ago db: Remove weird error handling code 7 months ago Use modern type annotation format for collections 10 months ago db: Drop support for MySQL 5.5 12 months ago Hitachi: add GAD volume support 1 month ago mypy: 1 year ago Merge "Remove six from" 2 years ago Modify/Move project validation methods to api_utils 2 years ago Use new get_rpc_client API from oslo.messaging 2 months ago mypy: 10 months ago backup/swift: Add support sending service user token 11 months ago Remove six in files under cinder/* 2 years ago Fix and unify capacity calculations 7 months ago