Update the README file to use tox -e all

This patch updates the README file to have instructions for running the tempest tests using the "all" environment instead of "all-plugins". The "all-plugins" environment has been deprecated for years and uses site-packages, which may cause unintended test scenarios.
It also updates the example "run a single test" to be a non-admin API test.

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@ -23,15 +23,25 @@ https://docs.openstack.org/designate-tempest-plugin/latest/#writing-new-tests
Running the tests
From the tempest directory, setup the tempest virtual environment for the
designate tempest plugin::
$ tox -e venv-tempest -- pip3 install -e <path to designate-tempest-plugin>
For example, when using a typical devstack setup::
$ cd /opt/stack/tempest
$ tox -e venv-tempest -- pip3 install -e /opt/stack/designate-tempest-plugin
To run all tests from this plugin, install designate into your environment
and from the tempest repo, run::
$ tox -e all-plugin -- designate
$ tox -e all -- designate
To run a single test case, run with the test case name, for example::
$ tox -e all-plugin -- designate_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v2.test_zones.ZonesAdminTest.test_get_other_tenant_zone
$ tox -e all -- designate_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v2.test_zones.ZonesTest.test_create_zones
To run all tempest tests including this plugin, run::
$ tox -e all-plugin
$ tox -e all