OpenStack DNS As A Service (Designate) Functional Tests
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To avoid potential conflicts with other Tempest plugin like Neutron,
using a dedicated External network for Designate Tempest will be
a better practice.

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Tempest Integration of Designate

This directory contains Tempest tests to cover the designate project, as well as a plugin to automatically load these tests into tempest.

See the tempest plugin docs for information on using it:

See the designate docs for information on writing new tests etc:

Running the tests

From the tempest directory, setup the tempest virtual environment for the designate tempest plugin:

$ tox -e venv-tempest -- pip3 install -e <path to designate-tempest-plugin>

For example, when using a typical devstack setup:

$ cd /opt/stack/tempest
$ tox -e venv-tempest -- pip3 install -e /opt/stack/designate-tempest-plugin

To run all tests from this plugin, install designate into your environment and from the tempest repo, run:

$ tox -e all -- designate

To run a single test case, run with the test case name, for example:

$ tox -e all -- designate_tempest_plugin.tests.api.v2.test_zones.ZonesTest.test_create_zones

To run all tempest tests including this plugin, run:

$ tox -e all