DevStack plugin to configure AMQP1.
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Ghanshyam Mann 3becff51a5 [goal] Migrate testing to ubuntu focal
As per victoria cycle testing runtime and community goal[1]
we need to migrate upstream CI/CD to Ubuntu Focal(20.04).

Install python3-qpid-proton for ubuntu Focal

Story: #2007865
Task: #40207

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Enabling in Devstack

Devstack plugin for AMQP 1.0 olso.messaging driver - This plugin supports the QPID C++ broker for RPC and Notification backends and the QPID Dispatch Router messaging system for the RPC backend. Additional information on these messaging systems can be found at the Apache QPID homepage (

  1. Download DevStack

  2. Add this repo as an external repository:

    cat > local.conf
    enable_plugin amqp1
  3. Set username and password variables if needed and they will be added to configuration:

  4. Optionally set the service variable for the configuration. The default is for the broker to provide both the RPC and Notification backends. If dual backends are to be used as an alternative AMQP1 service:

  5. Optionally set the network ports used to connect to the messaging service. If dual backends are to be configured, a separate Notify port must be used:

  6. run