DevStack plugin to configure Ceph backend.
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Ashley Rodriguez b663a9fb83 Remote Ceph with cephadm
Add podman ceph-common and jq as part of preinstall dependency.
Add REMOTE_CEPH capabilities to CEPHADM deployment.
Removed set_min_client only if cinder is enabled, this should be set
in any case.
Get FSID from ceph.conf in /etc/ceph to avoid unnecessary override.

Part of an effort to test multinode deployments with cephadm.

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Devstack Ceph Plugin



Devstack plugin to configure Ceph as the storage backend for openstack services

As part of

  • Installs Ceph (client and server) packages
  • Creates a Ceph cluster for use with openstack services
  • Configures Ceph as the storage backend for Cinder, Cinder Backup, Nova, Manila (not by default), and Glance services
  • (Optionally) Sets up & configures Rados gateway (aka rgw or radosgw) as a Swift endpoint with Keystone integration
  • Set ENABLE_CEPH_RGW=True in your localrc
  • Supports Ceph cluster running local or remote to openstack services

As part of |

  • Tears down the Ceph cluster and its related services

This plugin also gets used to configure Ceph as the storage backend for the upstream Ceph CI job named gate-tempest-dsvm-full-devstack-plugin-ceph


  • To get started quickly, just enable the plugin in your local.conf:

    enable_plugin devstack-plugin-ceph

Run in your devstack tree and boom! You're good to go.

  • Ceph is setup as the default storage backend for Cinder, Cinder Backup, Glance and Nova services. You have the ability to control each of the enabled services with the following configuration in your local.conf:

    ENABLE_CEPH_CINDER=True     # ceph backend for cinder
    ENABLE_CEPH_GLANCE=True     # store images in ceph
    ENABLE_CEPH_C_BAK=True      # backup volumes to ceph
    ENABLE_CEPH_NOVA=True       # allow nova to use ceph resources

Change any of the above lines to False to disable that feature specifically.

  • Ceph can be enabled as the storage backend for Manila with the following setting in your local.conf:


CephFS Native driver that supports native Ceph protocol is used by default. To use CephFS NFS-Ganesha driver that supports NFS protocol add the setting:


Make sure that the manila plugin is enabled before devstack-plugin-ceph in the local.conf file.

  • Then run and wait for the magic to happen :)

Known Issues / Limitations

  • Rados Gateway with Keystone for Swift - works on Ubuntu only
  • Tempest test failures when using RGW as swift endpoint
  • Tempest fails due to verify-tempest-config erroring out, when using RGW as swift endpoint
  • Manila with CephFS - for Ubuntu, support only for Trusty Tahr (14.04 LTS) and beyond


  • Fix Rados Gateway with Keystone for Swift on Fedora