DevStack supporting tools in python
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Devstack Helper Tools in Python

This is a set of cli tools for supporting devstack. It moves some of the complexity out of bash and into python where it's easier to have comprehensive testing of behavior.

Currently this includes the dsconf tool, which provides a cli for manipulating local.conf and ini files.

usage: dsconf [-h]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

                      sub-command help
  iniset              set item in ini file
  inicomment          comment item in ini file
  iniuncomment        uncomment item in ini file
  inirm               delete item from ini file
  extract-localrc     extract localrc from local.conf
  extract             extract and merge config from local.conf
  setlc               set variable in localrc of local.conf
  setlc_raw           set raw line at the end of localrc in local.conf
  setlc_conf          set variable in ini section of local.conf
  merge_lc            merge local.conf files


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