System for quickly installing an OpenStack cloud from upstream git for testing and development.
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Ian Wienand 543aed422f Don't install numpy packages 1 year ago
debs Add dosfstools to files 11 months ago
ldap Fixes devstack ldap plugin 1 year ago
rpms Don't install numpy packages 1 month ago
rpms-suse Don't install numpy packages 1 month ago
swift Swift: fix rsyncd.conf, ports were incorrect 2 years ago
apache-cinder-api.template Add toggle to run Cinder API under Apache 3 years ago
apache-horizon.template Update horizon wsgi wrapper to the recommended one 7 months ago
apache-keystone.template Apache Keystone Template: reduce the number of processes to 3 2 years ago
apache-neutron.template WSGI Neutron integration 8 months ago
apache-nova-api.template Format of nova-api log files was corrected 3 years ago
apache-nova-metadata.template Add ability to run Nova metadata under Apache2 3 years ago
apache-placement-api.template Placement service only using default HTTPd ports 2 years ago
apts Rename apts to debs 4 years ago
dnsmasq-for-baremetal-from-nova-network.conf Add option to serve PXE for baremetal from nova-network 5 years ago