System for quickly installing an OpenStack cloud from upstream git for testing and development.
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Clark Boylan e06d954229 Use Nehalem CPU model by default 5 days ago
cinder_backends Merge "Add support for ceph_iscsi cinder driver" 5 months ago
cinder_backups Rely on ceph.conf settings when cinder backup pool is created 7 months ago
cinder_plugins Remove references to XenAPI driver 8 months ago
databases Enable running on Debian Bullseye 3 weeks ago
neutron_plugins Don't fail if there is no nf_conntrack_proto_gre module available 2 weeks ago
nova_plugins Use Nehalem CPU model by default 5 days ago
apache Fix uwsgi config for trailing slashes 4 weeks ago
cinder Merge "Support optimized cinder backend for glance" 2 months ago
database Remove the usage of read_password from library files 3 years ago
dstat Re-enable memory_tracker 1 year ago
etcd3 Set ETCD_USE_RAMDISK=True by default 3 years ago
glance Merge "Glance remote worker should use own cache directory" 1 month ago
horizon lib/horizon: no need to specify keystone v3 to API version 2 years ago
infra Create virtualenv with abstracted VIRTUALENV_CMD 2 years ago
keystone Revert "Add enforce_scope setting support for keystone" 3 months ago
ldap Fixes devstack ldap plugin 4 years ago
libraries Allow to install os-resource-classes from git repo 4 months ago
lvm Remove Fedora 30 support 1 year ago
neutron Use uwsgi binary from path 1 year ago
neutron-legacy Rehome functions to enable Neutron's Trunk service plugin 3 weeks ago
nova Use Nehalem CPU model by default 5 days ago
os-vif os_vif: Add support for configuring os_vif_ovs plugin 4 months ago
oslo mv lib/oslo to lib/libraries 4 years ago
placement Remove deprecated tail_log function 1 year ago
rpc_backend Fix benign epmd@ failure 2 years ago
stack Ensure valid service names are passed to stack_install_service 4 years ago
swift swift: Fix the empty gid option in rsyncd.conf 2 months ago
tcpdump Add service to tcpdump during run 3 years ago
tempest Merge "Revert "Workaround for new pip 20.3 behavior"" 3 months ago
template clean up screen and tail_log references 4 years ago
tls Remove deprecated tail_log function 1 year ago