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Hi everyone,
I'm announcing my candidacy for a position on the OpenStack Technical Committee.
For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Feilong Wang, currently
working for Catalyst Cloud as head of R&D. Catalyst Cloud is a cloud
computing company running on OpenStack based in New Zealand. As for OpenStack
upstream, now I'm a core contributor of OpenStack Magnum and actively involve the
integration between OpenStack and Kubernetes. Besides, I was serving as the
PTL of Zaqar (OpenStack Messaging Service) for years. Before that, I was
mainly working for Glance (OpenStack Image Service) as a core reviewer since
Folsom 2012.
As a TC member I want to bring focus in below areas:
#1 Integration and Collaboration
As a distributed cloud platform, it's good to decouple different services to
make each service do one thing well. However, seems most of projects are solely
focusing on their own offering and not enough projects are paying attention to
the global impact. I would like to push a more tighter collaboration between
projects and obviously it will make the integration more easier and efficient.
Operators should expect different projects can work together smoothly just like
they're different parts within one project. As a maintainer of a public cloud
running on OpenStack, I know the pain of our ops, when they try to migrate a
service or adding a new service in existing cluster. So I'd like to see more
interlocks between PTL and TC members to understand the gaps and fill the gaps.
#2 Users & Operators
Listen closely to the voice of users and operators and this pretty much align
with the mission of OpenStack as below.
"To produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet
the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to
implement and massively scalable."
To implement a useful, stable cloud platform, we can't work behind closed
doors, but closely work with the user and operator community. As far as I know,
except the user survey, we don't have more formal process/approach to collect
the feedback from our users and operators, though the operators mailing list
and some random forum sessions at OpenStack summit are helpful. And IMHO,
currently we’re mixing feedback collected from different perspectives. For
example, most of the feedback from operators are how to easily deploy/manage
the cloud. But the tenant user/developers' requirements are more related to
functions, UX, etc. I can see we have put a lot of effort to address the pain
of operators, but obviously, we do also need more work to make the tenant
users/developer’s life easier.
#3 Better UX
This is the tiny part sometimes skipped by us. But I think it's important for
us to put effort on. For example, we can release a docker image including all
our openstack clients, so user don't have to deal with python depedencies.
Another example is enforcing restricted API consistency across different
It would be an honor to be member of your technical committee. Thanks for your
Feilong Wang