Remove reviewers section from template

When this template was created, the intention behind this section was to
know the got-to people for specific specs. Questions like: Who should I
ping if I need more Glance insights? Who should I ping to actually get
reviews? etc

Unfortunately, The reviewers section has turned to a field mostly used
to highlight people interested in a specific feature. More often than
not, the revieweres listed in this section are not the ones reviewing
the patches for the spec.

In addition to the above, this section currently separates core
reviewers from non-cores. This separation brings no value to this
section nor the spec itself.

Regardless the size of the team, this section is not bringing any value
to the process as reviewers not in this list can as well review the
patches as much as the reviewers listed there can also not review the

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@ -256,27 +256,6 @@ Primary assignee:
Other contributors:
<launchpad-id or None>
Who are the main point of contact for reviewing this piece of functionality?
These individuals would have more familiarity with the active development
efforts and status of the patch sets. A spec should have at least two
At least, one of the reviewers should be a core member in the corresponding
project. This individual could also serve as a liaison for the developer(s);
thus providing them a better communication medium with the other core
reviewers, as needed.
Core reviewer(s):
<launchpad-id or None>
<launchpad-id or None>
Other reviewer(s):
<launchpad-id or None>
<launchpad-id or None>
Work Items

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@ -80,8 +80,7 @@ class TestTitles(testtools.TestCase):
self.filename != 'specs/juno/example.rst'):
self.assertEqual(2, len(titles[impl]), self.filename)
self.assertEqual(3, len(titles[impl]), self.filename)
self.assertIn('Reviewers', titles[impl], self.filename)
self.assertEqual(2, len(titles[impl]), self.filename)
self.assertIn('Assignee(s)', titles[impl])
self.assertIn('Work Items', titles[impl])