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Rocky Review Priorities

The Rocky review priorities were discussed at the Dublin PTG and refined during the spec review process early in the Rocky cycle. The preliminary list was maintained on the Rocky PTG priorities etherpad.

This list is an estimate of what the Glance project team can accomplish during the Rocky cycle based on our developers' estimates of how much time they can commit to Glance. If additional resources become available, it's possible that some of the ../specs/untargeted/index could be added to Rocky.

The following list is roughly in priority order (highest to lowest).

TODO: add priorities

Important dates

This is an abbreviated list focused on dates relevant to Glance. See Rocky Release Schedule for the complete list for OpenStack.

Countdown Week of What
R-19 Apr 16
  • Rocky-1 milestone
  • Friday, April 20: Bug scrub
R-14 May 21
  • OpenStack Summit
R-12 Jun 04
  • Rocky-2 milestone
  • Spec Freeze
  • Friday, June 8: Bug scrub
R-6 Jul 16
  • glance_store Rocky release
R-5 Jul 23
  • Rocky-3 milestone
  • glanceclient Rocky release
  • Feature Freeze
  • Rocky community goals completed
  • Friday, July 27: Bug scrub
R-3 Aug 06
  • Glance Release Candidate 1
  • String freeze
R-1 Aug 20
  • Final Glance Release Candidates
R-0 Aug 27
  • Glance Rocky Release