Glance stores library
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whoami-rajat e43a56fb9b Pass multipath config while creating connector object
Currently we only pass the configured multipath option when getting
the connector properties and do not pass it when creating the
connector object which in turn does the multipathing in os-brick.
So we are only passing multipathing option to cinder for exporting &
mapping the volume to paths but not while creating the connector object
and hence doing multipathing partially.
This patch passes that option and fixes the stated issue.

Related-Bug: #1863983

Co-Authored-By: Gorka Eguileor <>

Change-Id: I82979c47ec9ec1dd6cc864d3827ab219177251f8
(cherry picked from commit 04e5ead7c0)
(cherry picked from commit 9bb857097e)
2 years ago
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etc/glance Add lock per share for cinder nfs mount/umount 3 years ago
glance_store Pass multipath config while creating connector object 2 years ago
releasenotes Merge "Support Cinder multiple stores" 3 years ago
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Team and repository tags

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Glance Store Library

Glance's stores library

This library has been extracted from the Glance source code for the specific use of the Glance and Glare projects.

The API it exposes is not stable, has some shortcomings, and is not a general purpose interface. We would eventually like to change this, but for now using this library outside of Glance or Glare will not be supported by the core team.