Amend leaderless program resolution timeframe

The current language puts undue pressure on election officials to
immediately notify the TC in the event of a leaderless project, while
also not providing a maximum timeframe for notification, which may leave
a project leaderless for some time in exceptional circumstances.

The replacement language places a clear bound on the notification period,
allowing election officials to take care with their reporting, and the
technical committee to have information in a timeframe that allows a new
PTL to be selected to start with their peers.

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Emmet Hikory 5 years ago
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@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ eligible candidate identify themselves, the following process will be used to
determine leadership for any program in this situation.
#. Programs without a minimum of one eligible candidate are identified to the
Technical Committee by the Election Officials, as soon as possible after the
nomination period has expired.
Technical Committee by the Election Officials, before the conclusion of
the election.
#. The Technical Committee can appoint a leader to any programs in this
situation, by mutual agreement of the Technical Committee and the proposed