Let projects add repos without prior-approval

Some OpenStack projects are adding git repos at a moderate pace
and generally the TC is rubber-stamping them as long as the PTL
approves.  Explicitly codify that this is desirable -- the TC
doesn't really care how many git repos it takes to accomplish a
task, so as long as a new repo fits within the existing mission
statement, indicate that it is permissible to add it without
prior TC approval.

This is not strictly a "new project requirement", however, this
document seems to be the best existing place to add it as it
relates to project creation.

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@ -52,3 +52,9 @@ When considering new projects for addition, the TC will check that:
* The project should have an active team of contributors
* Once a project has joined OpenStack, it may create additional source
code repositories as needed at the discretion of its Project
Technical Lead (PTL) without prior approval from the TC as long as
the additional source code repositories fall within the scope of the
approved project mission statement.