OpenStack Technical Committee Decisions
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James E. Blair 321a020cbc Let projects add repos without prior-approval
Some OpenStack projects are adding git repos at a moderate pace
and generally the TC is rubber-stamping them as long as the PTL
approves.  Explicitly codify that this is desirable -- the TC
doesn't really care how many git repos it takes to accomplish a
task, so as long as a new repo fits within the existing mission
statement, indicate that it is permissible to add it without
prior TC approval.

This is not strictly a "new project requirement", however, this
document seems to be the best existing place to add it as it
relates to project creation.

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2015-04-14 11:50:23 -07:00
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This repository contains OpenStack Technical Committee reference documents and tracks official resolutions voted by the committee.

Directory structure:


Reference documents which need to be revised over time. Some motions will just directly result in reference doc changes.


When the motion does not result in a change in a reference doc, it can be expressed as a resolution. Those must be named YYYYMMDD-short-name with YYYYMMDD being the proposal date in order to allow basic sorting.

See for details.