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Add resolution for OpenStack release identification schema

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Ghanshyam Mann 3 months ago
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2022-05-24 OpenStack release identification process
After the Zed cycle, the OpenStack release naming process has been changed.
We introduced the release number as an identification code to release but
will still have the release name especially to use for marketing usage.
* Each OpenStack release will have an identification code: “year”.”release
count within the year”. Example: "OpenStack 2023.1"
* OpenStack release names selection criteria and the process will be handled
by the staff of the OpenInfra Foundation. Foundation staff will make sure
that they satisfy the OpenStack release team tooling requirements. The
OpenStack release team PTL sign-off is needed on naming criteria defined by the
Foundation staff.
* The OpenStack Technical Committee will not be involved in the process,
the release team will directly coordinate with the foundation staff.
* The release number will be used as the primary identifier in the development
cycle but the release name will also be used in some places. we will use
release number in the stable branch (Example: stable/2023.1), spec repo or
any other directory structure, testing tools etc. The release team can choose
either to continue using the release name or use number for release
tooling and milestone name.
All the changes mentioned in this resolution will be applied immediately after
the Zed release cycle.
* `The Technical Committee meeting Etherpad
* Mailing list discussion threads from `April 2022
and `May 2022