OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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ramishra ede47008bc Change py2/grenade jobs to non-voting 4 months ago
.. Empty files shouldn't contain copyright nor license 8 years ago Make standalone heat work with keystone v3 4 years ago Add tools to get keystone auth plugin 2 years ago Make auth_url lookup dynamic 5 years ago Fix missing space in help text for caching option. 3 years ago Merge "Add dedicated auth endpoint config for servers" 2 years ago Add retries when loading keystone data and fetching endpoints 2 years ago Fix intermittent error in test_decrypt_dict_invalid_key 2 years ago Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago Fix lower-constraints tox env to use proper constraints 2 years ago Add new environment section for merge strategies 5 years ago Docs: Eliminate warnings in docs generation 3 years ago Fix coverity check FORWARD_NULL error 2 years ago Keep old files in file map for rolling update 3 years ago Docs: modernise links 3 years ago Enable heat to use uwsgi with devstack 4 years ago Remove log translations 4 years ago Use oslo_messaging for JsonPayloadSerializer 3 years ago Merge "Add key/value support for orchestrating images" 5 years ago noauth: only set token_info if set 4 years ago Convert props form delimited params to lists 5 years ago Generate user passwords with special characters 3 years ago Remove log translations 4 years ago Fix no message attribute in exception 4 years ago Add entry_point for oslo policy scripts 2 years ago Remove log translations 4 years ago Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago Show an engine as down if service record is not updated twice 2 years ago Less unicode weirdness in short_id 4 years ago Include template url in nested stack parse error 4 years ago Use correct raw string format 4 years ago Catch socket.timeout for connectivity error when streaming 3 years ago Robust handling of parent and child process deaths 3 years ago