Document commands to leave WAIT states

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@ -593,6 +593,27 @@ helpful to connect to the IPA and inspect its logs, see the trouble shooting
guide of the :ironic-python-agent-doc:`ironic-python-agent (IPA) <>` on how
to do this.
Stopping the operation
Cleaning, inspection and rescuing can be stopped while in ``clean wait``,
``inspect wait`` and ``rescue wait`` states using the ``abort`` command.
It will move the node to the corresponding failure state (``clean failed``,
``inspect failed`` or ``rescue failed``)::
baremetal node abort <node>
Deploying can be aborted while in the ``wait call-back`` state by starting an
undeploy (normally resulting in cleaning)::
baremetal node undeploy <node>
See :doc:`/user/states` for more details.
.. note::
Since the Bare Metal service is not doing anything actively in waiting
states, the nodes are not moved to failed states on conductor restart.
Deployments fail with "failed to update MAC address"