Project Contributing updates for Goal

This change covers changes to meet the goal of establishing contributor
documentation, which Ironic largely already had, but required some
enhancement and clarification.

This also includes rough context of the PTL duties and revision to the
primary repository CONTRIBUTING document, as suggested in some of the
goal related discussions.

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@ -3,8 +3,12 @@ you must follow the steps documented at:
Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.
Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored since
OpenStack projects use a Gerrit instance hosted on OpenDev.
Bugs should be filed in StoryBoard, not GitHub:!/project/943
Contributor documentation for the Ironic project can be found in the
OpenStack Ironic documentation.

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@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
.. _code-contribution-guide:
Code Contribution Guide
So You Want to Contribute...
This document provides some necessary points for developers to consider when
writing and reviewing Ironic code. The checklist will help developers get
@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ LaunchPad
Most of the tools used for OpenStack require a ID for
authentication. Ironic previously used to track work on Launchpad,
but we have not done so since migrating to Storyboard.
.. seealso::
@ -40,11 +41,31 @@ representing the whole of the ironic community, as opposed to
the `ironic project <!/project/943>`_
storyboard which represents ironic as a repository.
Internet Relay Chat 'IRC'
Daily contributor discussions take place on IRC in the '#openstack-ironic'
channel on Freenode IRC.
Please feel free to join us at irc:// and join our channel!
Everything Ironic
Ironic is a community of projects centered around the primary project
repository 'ironic', which help facilitate the deployment and management
of bare metal resources.
This means there are a number of different repositories that fall into
the responsibility of the project team and the community. Some of the
repositories may not seem strictly hardware related, but they may be tools
or things to just make an aspect easier.
Related Projects
There are several projects that are tightly integrated with ironic and which are
developed by the same community.
There are several projects that are tightly integrated with ironic and
which are developed by the same community.
.. seealso::
@ -55,24 +76,28 @@ developed by the same community.
* :python-ironicclient-doc:`Ironic Client Documentation <>`
* :python-ironic-inspector-client-doc:`Ironic Inspector Client Documentation <>`
Project Hosting Details
Useful Links
Bug tracker
Bug/Task tracker!/project/943
Mailing list (prefix Subject line with ``[ironic]``)
Code Hosting
Code Review,n,z
Weekly Meeting Agenda
Adding New Features
@ -137,6 +162,11 @@ Feature Submission Process
Change Tracking
We track our stories and tasks in Storyboard.!/project/ironic
When working on an RFE, please be sure to tag your commits properly:
"Story: #xxxx" or "Task: #xxxx". It is also helpful to set a consistent
review topic, such as "story/xxxx" for all patches related to the RFE.
@ -148,6 +178,11 @@ in every project.
.. note:: **RFEs may only be approved by members of the ironic-core team**.
.. note:: While not strictly required for minor changes and fixes,
it is highly preferred by the Ironic community that any change
which needs to be backported, have a recorded Story and Task in
Managing Change Sets
@ -165,8 +200,25 @@ In the event that a contributor leaves the community, do not expect
the contributor's changes to be continued unless someone volunteers
to do so.
Getting Your Patch Merged
Within the Ironic project, we generally require two core reviewers to
sign-off (+2) change sets. We also will generally recognize non-core (+1)
reviewers, and sometimes even reverse our decision to merge code based upon their reviews.
We recognize that some repositories have less visibility, as such it is okay
to ask for a review in our IRC channel. Please be prepared to stay in IRC
for a little while in case we have questions.
Sometimes we may also approve patches with a single core reviewer.
This is generally discouraged, but sometimes necessary. When we do so,
we try to explain why we do so. As a patch submitter, it equally helps us
to understand why the change is important. Generally, more detail and context
helps us understand the change faster.
Timeline Expectations
As with any large project, it does take time for features and changes to be
merged in any of the project repositories. This is largely due to limited
@ -218,12 +270,12 @@ be kept in mind.
in an incremental fashion.
Live Upgrade Related Concerns
See :doc:`/contributor/rolling-upgrades`.
Driver Internal Info
The ``driver_internal_info`` node field was introduced in the Kilo release. It allows
driver developers to store internal information that can not be modified by end users.
Here is the list of existing common and agent driver attributes:
@ -260,7 +312,7 @@ Here is the list of existing common and agent driver attributes:
Ironic Specs Process
Specifications must follow the template which can be found at
`specs/template.rst <
@ -307,3 +359,44 @@ For approved and completed specs:
Please see the `Ironic specs process wiki page <
wiki/Ironic/Specs_Process>`_ for further reference.
Bug Reporting
Bugs can reported via our Task and Bug tracking tool Storyboard.
When filing bugs, please include as much detail as possible, and don't be shy.
Essential pieces of information are generally:
* Contents of the 'node' - `openstack baremetal node show <uuid>`
* Steps to reproduce the issue.
* Exceptions and surrounding lines from the logs.
* Versions of ironic, ironic-python-agent, and any other coupled components.
Please also set your expectations of what *should* be happening.
Statements of user expectations are how we understand what is occuring and
how we learn new use cases!
Project Team Leader Duties
The ``Project Team Leader`` or ``PTL`` is elected each development
cycle by the contributors to the ironic community.
Think of this person as your primary contact if you need to try and
rally the project, or have a major issue that requires attention.
They serve a role that is mainly oriented towards trying to drive the
technical discussion forward and managing the idiosyncrasies of the project.
With this responsibility, they are considered a "public face" of the project
and are generally obliged to try and provide "project updates" and outreach
All common PTL duties are enumerated here in the `PTL guide <>`_.
Tasks like release management or preparation for a release are generally
delegated with-in the team. Even outreach can be delegated, and specifically
there is no rule stating that any member of the community can't propose a
release, clean-up release notes or documentation, or even get on the occasional

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@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ project.
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
Developer Contribution Guide <code-contribution-guide>
Developer Contribution Guide <contributing>
Setting Up Your Development Environment <dev-quickstart>
Priorities <>
Specifications <>