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@ -105,6 +105,31 @@ The following deliverables do not need to be released:
* ironic-inspector-specs
* ironic-specs
Bugfix branches
The following projects have ``bugfix/X.Y`` branches in addition to standard
openstack ``stable/NAME`` branches:
* bifrost
* ironic
* ironic-inspector
* ironic-python-agent
They are also released on a regular cadence as opposed to on-demand, namely
three times a release cycle (roughly a release every 2 months). One of the
releases corresponds to the coordinated OpenStack released and receives a
``stable/NAME`` branch. The other two happen during the cycle and receive a
``bugfix/X.Y`` branch, where ``X.Y`` consists of the major and the minor
component of the version (e.g. ``bugfix/8.1`` for 8.1.0).
To leave some version space for releases from these branches, releases of these
projects from the master branch always increase either the major or the minor
Currently releases from bugfix branches cannot be automated and must be done by
the release team manually.
Things to do before releasing
@ -306,6 +331,25 @@ We need to submit patches for changes on master to:
* remove any model class names from ``ironic.cmd.dbsync.NEW_MODELS``.
When a release is done that results in a bugfix branch
In this case the release management only creates a change to point
``.gitreview`` at the branch, ``tox.ini`` is not modified.
After the release:
* update the Tempest microversions as explained above.
* the CI needs additional configuration, so that Zuul knows which branch to
take jobs definitions from. See the following examples:
* `ironic 18.1 <>`_
* `ironic-inspector 10.7
* `ironic-python-agent 8.1
Ironic Tempest plugin