A service for managing and provisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Configure the Compute service to use the Bare Metal service

The Compute service needs to be configured to use the Bare Metal service's driver. The configuration file for the Compute service is typically located at /etc/nova/nova.conf.


As of the Newton release, it is possible to have multiple nova-compute services running the ironic virtual driver (in nova) to provide redundancy. Bare metal nodes are mapped to the services via a hash ring. If a service goes down, the available bare metal nodes are remapped to different services.

Once active, a node will stay mapped to the same nova-compute even when it goes down. The node is unable to be managed through the Compute API until the service responsible returns to an active state.

The following configuration file must be modified on the Compute service's controller nodes and compute nodes.

  1. Change these configuration options in the Compute service configuration file (for example, /etc/nova/nova.conf):


    The alternative to setting the discover_hosts_in_cells_interval option is to run the following command on any Compute controller node after each node is enrolled:

    nova-manage cell_v2 discover_hosts --by-service

  2. Consider enabling the following option on controller nodes:

  3. Carefully consider the following option:

  4. Change these configuration options in the ironic section. Replace:

    • IRONIC_PASSWORD with the password you chose for the ironic user in the Identity Service
    • IRONIC_NODE with the hostname or IP address of the ironic-api node
    • IDENTITY_IP with the IP of the Identity server
  5. On the Compute service's controller nodes, restart the nova-scheduler process:

      sudo systemctl restart openstack-nova-scheduler
      sudo service nova-scheduler restart
  6. On the Compute service's compute nodes, restart the nova-compute process:

      sudo systemctl restart openstack-nova-compute
      sudo service nova-compute restart