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This will test all rst files inside the doc directory for style issues with
doc8 (an opinionated style checker for rst styles of documentation).

This will fix all syntax issues identified by doc8 and will improve
the syntax.

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How To Contribute


  1. Our source code is hosted on OpenStack GitHub, but pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored. Bugs should be filed on launchpad, not GitHub.
  2. Please follow OpenStack Gerrit Workflow to to contribute to Kolla.
  3. Note the branch you're proposing changes to. master is the current focus of development. Kolla project has a strict policy of only allowing backports in stable/branch, unless when not applicable. A bug in a stable/branch will first have to be fixed in master.
  4. Please file a launchpad blueprint for any significant code change and a bug for any significant bug fix or add a TrivialFix tag for simple changes. See how to reference a bug or a blueprint in the commit message here
  5. TrivialFix tags or bugs are not required for documentation changes.

Development Environment

  1. Please follow our quickstart to deploy your environment and test your changes.