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How to enable OVN Octavia provider driver with devstack
To enable the utilization of OVN as the provider driver for Octavia through
#. You can start with the sample DevStack configuration file for OVN
that kuryr-kubernetes comes with.
.. code-block:: console
$ cd devstack
$ cp ../kuryr-kubernetes/devstack/local.conf.ovn.sample local.conf
#. Then, you need to edit the local.conf file and enable ovn provider by
.. code-block:: bash
# Kuryr K8S-Endpoint driver Octavia provider
# ==========================================
#. In case you want more Kuryr specific features than provided by the default
handlers and more handlers are enabled, for example, the following enables
NetworkPolicies in addition to the default features:
.. code-block:: bash
Then, the proper subnet drivers need to be set:
.. code-block:: bash
#. Run DevStack.
.. code-block:: console
$ ./
Enabling Kuryr support for OVN Octavia driver via ConfigMap
Alternatively, you can enable Kuryr support for the OVN Octavia driver on the
Kuryr ConfigMap, in case the options are not set at the local.conf file. On
DevStack deployment, the Kuryr ConfigMap can be edited using:
.. code-block:: console
$ kubectl -n kube-system edit cm kuryr-config
The following options need to be set at the ConfigMap:
.. code-block:: bash
endpoints_driver_octavia_provider = ovn
lb_algorithm = SOURCE_IP_PORT
enforce_sg_rules = False
member_mode = L2
Make sure to keep correct indentation when doing changes. To enforce the new
settings, you need to restart kuryr-controller by simply killing existing pod.
Deployment controller will make sure to restart the pod with new configuration.
Kuryr automatically handles the recreation of already created services/load
balancers, so that all of them have the same Octavia provider.
Testing ovn-octavia driver support
Once the environment is ready, you can test that network connectivity works
and verify that Kuryr creates the load balancer for the service with the OVN
provider specified in the ConfigMap.
To do that check out :doc:`../testing_connectivity`.
You can also manually create a load balancer in Openstack:
.. code-block:: console
$ openstack loadbalancer create --vip-network-id public --provider ovn
| Field | Value |
| admin_state_up | True |
| availability_zone | None |
| created_at | 2020-12-09T14:45:08 |
| description | |
| flavor_id | None |
| id | 94e7c431-912b-496c-a247-d52875d44ac7 |
| listeners | |
| name | |
| operating_status | OFFLINE |
| pools | |
| project_id | af820b57868c4864957d523fb32ccfba |
| provider | ovn |
| provisioning_status | PENDING_CREATE |
| updated_at | None |
| vip_address | |
| vip_network_id | ee97665d-69d0-4995-a275-27855359956a |
| vip_port_id | c98e52d0-5965-4b22-8a17-a374f4399193 |
| vip_qos_policy_id | None |
| vip_subnet_id | 3eed0c05-6527-400e-bb80-df6e59d248f1 |

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@ -72,6 +72,25 @@ would help avoiding extra hops if the amphorae were scheduled in the worker
nodes, but how much significant that is, depends on your latency and throughput
Octavia uses `Load Balancer drivers`_ to handle all communications with
*Amphorae*. By default, Kuryr-Kubernetes uses the reference Octavia driver
which is the `Amphora driver`_. Kuryr also supports the use of
`OVN Octavia driver`_.
OVN Octavia Provider Driver
Kuryr supports the creation of a load balancer with OVN provider driver. When
'ovn' provider is enabled as one of the Octavia Load Balancer providers, the
load balancing is executed by the virtual switch data-path engine and there is
no need to create VMs. This means there is no additional overhead of VMs as is
required when using Octavia with the default Amphora driver.
You can find additional information about the driver, its limitations and how
to create OVN-based load balancers in `OVN as Provider Driver for Octavia`_.
.. _k8s_default_configuration:
Default configuration
@ -762,3 +781,7 @@ Troubleshooting
.. _services:
.. _Octavia API:
.. _Octavia installation docs:
.. _Load Balancer drivers:
.. _Amphora driver:
.. _OVN Octavia driver:
.. _OVN as Provider Driver for Octavia: