The UI component for Magnum
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Magnum UI

Horizon plugin for Magnum

Enabling in DevStack

Add this repo as an external repository into your local.conf file:

enable_plugin magnum-ui

Manual Installation

Begin by cloning the Horizon and Magnum UI repositories:

git clone
git clone

Create a virtual environment and install Horizon dependencies:

cd horizon
python tools/

Set up your file:

cp openstack_dashboard/local/ openstack_dashboard/local/

Open up the copied file in your preferred text editor. You will want to customize several settings:

  • OPENSTACK_HOST should be configured with the hostname of your OpenStack server. Verify that the OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL and OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_DEFAULT_ROLE settings are correct for your environment. (They should be correct unless you modified your OpenStack server to change them.)

Install Magnum UI with all dependencies in your virtual environment:

tools/ pip install -e ../magnum-ui/

And enable it in Horizon:

cp ../magnum-ui/magnum_ui/enabled/ openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
cp ../magnum-ui/magnum_ui/enabled/ openstack_dashboard/local/enabled
cp ../magnum-ui/magnum_ui/enabled/ openstack_dashboard/local/enabled

To run horizon with the newly enabled Magnum UI plugin run:

python runserver

to have the application start on port 8080 and the horizon dashboard will be available in your browser at http://localhost:8080/