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@ -115,8 +115,8 @@ for the cluster. The service account will be used by the cluster to
access the OpenStack services (i.e. Neutron, Swift, etc.). A trust relationship
will be created between the user who created the cluster (the "trustor") and
the service account created for the cluster (the "trustee"). For details,
please refer
please refer to
`Create a trustee user for each bay <>`_.
If Magnum fails to create the trustee, check the magnum config file (usually
in /etc/magnum/magnum.conf). Make sure 'trustee_*' and 'www_authenticate_uri'
@ -670,8 +670,9 @@ Kubernetes services
(How to introspect k8s when heat works and k8s does not)
Additional `Kubernetes troubleshooting guide
<>`_ is available.
Additional `Kubernetes troubleshooting section
is available in the Monitoring, Logging, and Debugging section.
Swarm services
@ -715,10 +716,8 @@ Troubleshooting in Gate
Simulating gate tests
*Note*: This is adapted from Devstack Gate's `README`_ which
is worth a quick read to better understand the following)
#. Boot a VM like described in the Devstack Gate's `README`_ .
#. Boot a VM
#. Provision this VM like so::
apt-get update \
@ -796,35 +795,3 @@ Simulating gate tests
export -f post_test_hook
cp devstack-gate/ ./
Helpful nuances about the Devstack Gate
* Main job is in ``project-config``'s `magnum.yaml <>`_.
* Must modify parameters passed in since those are escaped:
* Anything with ``{}`` should be set as an environment variable
* Anything with ``{{ }}`` should have those brackets changed to
single brackets - ``{}``.
* As with the documentation for Devstack Gate, you can just create
a new file for the job you want, paste in what you want, then
``chmod u+x <filename>`` and run it.
* Parameters can be found in `projects.yaml <>`_.
This file changes a lot, so it's more reliable to say that you can
search for the magnum jobs where you'll see examples of what
gets passed in.
* Three jobs are usually run as a part of Magnum gate, all of which are found in ``project-config``'s `macros.yml <>`_:
* link-logs
* net-info
* devstack-checkout
* After you run a job, it's ideal to clean up and start over with a
fresh VM to best simulate the Devstack Gate environment.


@ -55,9 +55,8 @@ Pod
smallest deployable unit that can be created and managed. A pod is a
co-located group of application containers that run with a shared context.
When using Magnum, pods are created and managed within clusters. Refer to the
`pods section
<>`_ in the `Kubernetes
User Guide`_ for more information.
`pods section <>`_ in
`Kubernetes Tasks`_ for more information.
Replication controller
A replication controller is used to ensure that at any given time a certain
@ -65,8 +64,8 @@ Replication controller
deleted by the replication controller as necessary based on a template to
ensure that the defined number of replicas exist. Refer to the `replication
controller section
<>`_ in
the `Kubernetes User Guide`_ for more information.
<>`_ in
the `Kubernetes Tasks`_ for more information.
A service is an additional layer of abstraction provided by the Kubernetes
@ -75,8 +74,8 @@ Service
deleted by a replication controller, for example, other pods needing to
discover them can do so via the service abstraction. Refer to the
`services section
<>`_ in the
`Kubernetes User Guide`_ for more information.
.. _Kubernetes User Guide:
<>`_ in
`Kubernetes Concepts`_ for more information.
.. _Kubernetes Tasks:
.. _Kubernetes Concepts:


@ -1116,7 +1116,7 @@ labels attribute.
This label corresponds to Kubernetes parameter for the API server '--admission-control'.
For more details, refer to the `Admission Controllers
The default value corresponds to the one recommended in this doc
for our current Kubernetes version.
@ -1588,7 +1588,7 @@ Image (image)
The image binary is loaded in Glance with the attribute
'os_distro = fedora-atomic'.
Current supported image is Fedora Atomic (download from `Fedora
<>`_ )
<>`_ )
TLS (tls-disabled)
Transport Layer Security is enabled by default to secure the Swarm API for
@ -2951,11 +2951,9 @@ Kubernetes on Fedora Atomic
This image can be downloaded from the `public Atomic site
or can be built locally using diskimagebuilder. Details can be found in the
`fedora-atomic element
The image currently has the following OS/software:
``fedora-atomic element``. The image currently has the following OS/software:
| OS/software | version |
@ -3030,9 +3028,9 @@ The login for this image is *core*.
Kubernetes on Ironic
This image is built manually using diskimagebuilder. The scripts and
This image is built manually using diskimagebuilder. The scripts and
instructions are included in `Magnum code repo
Currently Ironic is not fully supported yet, therefore more details will be
provided when this driver has been fully tested.