Dynamic routing services for OpenStack Neutron.
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DRAgent Drivers


The Neutron dynamic routing drivers are used to support different dynamic routing protocol stacks which implement the dynamic routing functionality.

As shown in the following figure, the drivers are managed by DRAgent through a "Driver Manager" which provides consistent APIs to realize the functionality of a dynamic routing protocol:

Neutron Dynamic Routing Drivers


+-------------------------+ | Driver Manager | +-------------------------+ | Common Driver API | +-------------------------+ | | +------------+------------+ | os-ken | Other | | Driver | Drivers | +------------+------------+


In the first release, only the integration with os-ken is supported. Later release will have support for Quagga, Bird etc. Besides, BGP is the only protocol supported now but support for more dynamic routing protocols might come in the future.


Driver configurations are done in a separate configuration file.

BGP Driver

There are two configuration parameters related to BGP which are specified in bgp_dragent.ini.

  • bgp_speaker_driver, to define BGP speaker driver class. Default is os-ken (neutron_dynamic_routing.services.bgp.agent.driver.os_ken.driver.OsKenBgpDriver).
  • bgp_router_id, to define BGP identity (typically an IPv4 address). Default is a unique loopback interface IP address.

Common Driver API

Common Driver API is needed to provide a generic and consistent interface to different drivers. Each driver need to implement the provided base driver class.


Following interfaces need to be implemented by a driver for realizing BGP functionality.

API name Description
add_bgp_speaker() Add a BGP Speaker
delete_bgp_speaker() Delete a BGP speaker
add_bgp_peer() Add a BGP peer
delete_bgp_peer() Delete a BGP peer
advertise_route() Add a new prefix to advertise
withdraw_route() Withdraw an advertised prefix
get_bgp_speaker_statistics() Collect BGP Speaker statistics
get_bgp_peer_statistics() Collect BGP Peer statistics