Brian Haley 7594bb0627 Remove the dependency on the "mock" package
Now that we are python3 only, we should move to using the built
in version of mock that supports all of our testing needs and
remove the dependency on the "mock" package.

This patch moves all references to "import mock" to
"from unittest import mock". It also cleans up some new line

Fixed an inconsistency in the OVSBridge.deferred() definition
as it needs to also have an *args argument.

Fixed an issue where an l3-agent test was mocking
functools.partial, causing a python3.8 failure.

Unit tests only, removing from tests/ affects
functional tests which need additional work.

Change-Id: I40e8a8410840c3774c72ae1a8054574445d66ece
2020-04-28 18:05:37 -04:00
.. Placement reporting service plugin 2019-03-01 15:37:48 +01:00 Remove the dependency on the "mock" package 2020-04-28 18:05:37 -04:00