OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Boden R 2e56ba4526 use neutron-lib port security api-def
The port security API definition has been in neutron-lib for awhile.
This patch consumes the definition from neutron-lib.

- Consumers using the public definitions from
neutron.extensions.portsecurity must now switch over to the api-def in
neutron-lib. See the changes herein for additional details.

Change-Id: If43b65861efc536d01c43dc0d2bbcbcf062c1271
6 years ago
api-ref Fix some typos 7 years ago
bin Use os-xenapi for neutron when XenServer as hypervisor 6 years ago
devstack Merge "devstack: use neutron_service_plugin_class_add for service plugins" 6 years ago
doc Merge "Use conjunction for security group rules with remote_group_id" 6 years ago
etc Remove deprecated support for QoS notification_drivers 6 years ago
neutron use neutron-lib port security api-def 6 years ago
rally-jobs Merge "Revert "Rally: decrease SLA for avg list of ports and nets"" 6 years ago
releasenotes Add QoS bandwidth limit for instance ingress traffic 6 years ago
tools Merge "fullstack: Don't let dhcp agents failover" 6 years ago
.coveragerc Cleanup coverage configuration 7 years ago
.gitignore Automatically generate neutron core configuration files 8 years ago
.gitreview Fix .gitreview to not point at a branch 8 years ago
.mailmap Add mailmap entry 9 years ago
.pylintrc Fix typo in .pylintrc file 6 years ago
.testr.conf Allow more time for DB migration tests 7 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Make crystal clear how to contribute/approach the neutron community 7 years ago
HACKING.rst Switch to neutron-lib hacking factory 6 years ago
README.rst Optimize the link address 6 years ago
TESTING.rst docs: Update TESTING.rst about openvswitch requirements 6 years ago
babel.cfg Use babel to generate translation file 11 years ago
bindep.txt Switch ns-metadata-proxy to haproxy 6 years ago
requirements.txt Use the ovsdbapp library 6 years ago Add bashate support 6 years ago
setup.cfg Merge "Expose neutron api application as a wsgi script" 6 years ago Updated from global requirements 6 years ago
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 6 years ago
tox.ini Merge "fullstack: Don't let dhcp agents failover" 6 years ago


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